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“I’ve been involved in the coaching process with Ani and every session helped me establish professional and personal goals that befitted to my values. Before the coaching with Ani, I felt overwhelmed and I was a bit insecure in my decisions.
Although I had quite a busy schedule at that time, the sessions of coaching helped me become more aware of my internal resources and guided me to obtain more structure in my plans. Thus, in the coaching sessions that I had with Ani, she managed to help me gain more clarity on what I wanted to do. What I liked the most was the fact that Ani raised me interesting questions and, in this way, I was able to find the right answers for myself. Furthermore, she adapted the coaching style to my needs as she included drawing and metaphors whenever I would feel blocked in the process; this approach helped me climb my internal barriers and overcome my doubts. I must confess that I’ve been very lucky to have Ani as a coach. She has been very empathetic throughout the process as she has been interested in how I felt in our sessions. Ani’s professional maturity, warmth and coaching skills assisted me in the process and formed a secure environment for me to bring to the sessions any subject that disturbed me at that time. After every session of coaching, I felt comfortable, accepted and I had a clear view of what I wanted to do next. What I love the most about the coaching with Ani is the trust she managed to build in our relationship and that I have always felt her stable focus and mindful presence throughout the process.
Based on my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ani as a coach taking into consideration her coaching skills, professional experience and personality traits. Should you ever need more clarity in your life, you could benefit from coaching.“

Anamaria Buzatu

HR Business Partner @ EvoWise, Bucharest, Romania

“Anisoara is one of the most insightful and inspiring coaches I have ever worked with. She is a great partner supporting me in my professional and personal development during my career transition. I benefited from her powerful questions and customized approaches, as well as her genuine care for people.”

Jessica Wang

Human Resources Advisor @ WiseTao, Toronto, Canada

“When I started working with Ani, I was very anxious and not able to see my potential as an entrepreneur.
My mind was so stuck in the loop of fear and anxiety, that it was very hard to see my story from a different perspective.
Ani allowed me to be in a safe space to understand my values and break down any barriers that were holding me back. She understood the deeper meaning of my emotions and had the ability to prompt questions that gave me a new angle to see my world from.
She is truly an exceptional coach with an open heart, incredibly knowledgeable and creative in her approach to coach.”

Stefanie Schidlowski

Founder @ Youreka Coaching, London, UK

“Sessions with Ani always open up new perspectives for me. Ani is very attentive to what I say, she listens deeply and always provides space for all my expressions. I love how she looks, holistically, at everything I bring in the session and through her feedback I can see things that I haven’t seen before.
Thank you, Ani, for believing in me and accepting me fully.”

Dinara Mendesheva 

Professional Trainer @ Creative Consciousness International, Moscow, Russia

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