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You already have a rewarding career and you boldly aspire to take over more complex roles. You find yourself on a career plateau and you are ready to identify new ways to accelerate your career development. You are exploring a potential next career step, but you still do not know if that’s the right decision for you. Or maybe, you have just joined a new role and you want to reach your highest potential.

Here is how we can help you with:

• New role – Grow new behaviours vs. new responsibilities

• Professional growth – Build a career development roadmap, identify steps to be taken and strategies to be used for your next career move

• Decision making – Receive personalized support to facilitate your career decision-making process

• Change management – Effectively manage professional changes: promotions/re-organizations/new management

• Drive work life / personal life cycle

• Career roadblocks – Identify the right strategies and action plans for overcoming turning-point career moments

• Transitions management – Expatriation / Relocation / Entrepreneurial project

Main steps of our Coaching Programme

Chemistry Session

• Arrange a 30-45 min free chemistry session before the 1st coaching session

• Get to know each other and determine client-coach compatibility

• Discuss your goals, needs, learning preferences and main contracting topics, as below

• Sign the GDPR Agreement until the 1st coaching session


• Establish an overall coaching plan and goals

• Have a clear agreement about the coaching process, what is and is not being offered, coach’s, your and your *sponsor’s responsibilities and future logistics of the coaching relationship (duration, timing, frequency, confidentiality, fees etc.) to get prepared for your coaching experience 

• *Arrange a meeting between the sponsor, the coach and yourself, as a client, to create suitable goals and success measures for the coaching process and agree on all conditions for your coaching experience.

*Valid only where appropriate to involve a sponsor (e.g. your line manager or the sponsor’s HR representative)

Coaching Sessions

During the coaching session, you might expect:

• Exploration of existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and how to develop new ones that truly serve your goals
• Challenge around the outcomes that you want and need to achieve
• Reflection on your past career successes and failures
• Support in formulating a robust career transition action plan
• Exploration of your main stakeholders and how to manage or engage them as appropriate
• Challenge around your assumptions and unhelpful working patterns
• Focus on your strengths and how to leverage them more effectively
• Being provoked to think creatively and differently and gain fresh perspectives
• Empowerment on how to create more effective and productive working relationships
• Being held accountable around agreed actions

After each coaching session:

  • You receive, as per contract, a short message (Mail/Wapp) including key findings/learnings about yourself or your goals and the main action/s you have taken for yourself as the next steps.
  • You receive, as per contract, info on external resources you can further use to support your goal achievement journey (books, podcasts, articles, questionnaires etc., should you find them useful, depending on your learning preferences discussed at the beginning of our coaching agreement)

Coaching Debrief

At the end of the coaching programme, you receive, as per contract, a ‘Wrap-up Coaching Summary” to recap what has been achieved during the coaching cycle (key findings/learnings about yourself and your personal or professional achievements)

• *We arrange a debriefing session to revisit the original goals, review learnings and gather feedback with the coach, yourself (client) and sponsor

*Valid only where appropriate to involve a sponsor

“History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it usually rhymes”, said Mark Twain.

You can make your story better rhyme with who you are. That’s the reason we are here for.


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